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Diving and Snorkeling

Yakushima is more than mountains and forests - the ocean is a beautiful experience too.


The powerful, warm Kuroshio current approaches Yakushima from the south bringing spectacular fish and allowing coral to grow. Yakushima is truly a paradise for marine life!


Yakushima offers the chance to snorkel and scuba dive.


Of course, in stormy weather the high waves and cloudy water are not safe. But the rest of the time the water is clear and ideal for your experience. There’s a special pleasure in diving in the rain too as you sink beneath the surface and the sound of the rain disappears and you are left with the soothing patterns of the raindrops on the surface. But hopefully the sun will be shining for you!


It is better to take a guide for this experience.


Just put on a mask and fins and you are ready to go. So easy that even children will enjoy it. You will enjoy it more with a guide; and if possible wear gloves and a wet suit to avoid scratches on the rocks.

Scuba Diving

There are a number of diving schools who cater for first time divers, so there is no need to be scared. Just leave it to the guide and listen to their instructions.


Half, one and multi day courses are available.

If you have a diving qualification you can experience diving from the shore or boat at many locations around Yakushima. Seeing sea turtles up close is a special pleasure and happens very often. Who knows - you might enjoy it so much you decide to re-locate to Yakushima and start your own diving shop, as so many others have!

Main Diving and Snorkeling Areas

Below are a few areas recommended for snorkeling and diving, but a guide or diving instructor will know many others to choose from depending on the day's weather and sea conditions. If you are going swimming, please do so in at the designated swimming areas only. Nagata beach is not suitable for swimming as the current is fast and there is a sudden dip. 


Isso is right at the north of Yakushima and there are diving points both east and west of Cape Yahazu, which extends northwards from the shore and creates a large natural barrier. There are many fish to be seen in the coral, and sea turtles are common. There is a designated summer swimming spot on the west beach. The east beach is ideal for snorkeling.




Harutahama beach is just south of Anbo on the east coast. There are extensive tide pools as well as a designated swimming area. The swimming area offers toilet and changing facilities in July and August, as well as a life guard. Great for swimming, and for children to snorkel under supervision.



Located in the southwestern part of Yakushima, there is Yakushima Youth Travel Village and Tsukazaki Tide Pool. Photos of the national fish species survey contest are taken here, and there are a wide variety of corals as well as fish species. Toilets and shower facilities available at Tsukasaki.

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