Transportation around the island

Local buses

There are two bus services on Yakushima covering the inhabited part of the island. There is no bus service on the Seibu Rindo (western forest road) between Kurio and Nagata.


There are three taxi companies in Yakushima. Taxis should be available at the airport and at both ports, Miyanoura and Anbo.

Rental Cars

You must have an international driving licence or other valid driving permit to drive in Japan  (please call your embassy for more information).


Flow from renting a car to returning it (example).
① Make a reservation by phone or online.
② Complete the contract (go to the sales office / send to the sales office / at the port / airport).
③ Pick up your car (at the sales office / at the port / airport / at the accommodation).
④ Fill the tank with full gas and Return the car with a full tank and make any additional payments as necessary (at the sales office / at the port / airport / other arrangement).


Cycling in Yakushima is very enjoyable and the roads are generally safe and in good condition. There are a lot of hills to climb!

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