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Getting Around


There are two bus companies operating in Yakushima. Public buses don't run on Seibu Rindoh Western Forest Path (between Nagata and Kurio). Download the bus timetable from our Download Files page.


Matsubanda Kotsu Bus 

Tel: 0997-43-5000


Miyanoura Port - Yakusugi Shizenkan Museum

Miyanoura - Airport - Anbo - Yakusugi Shizenkan Museum

Shiratani Unsuikyo

​Tanegashima Yakushima Kotsu Bus

Tel: 0997-46-2221

Routes :

Nagata - Oko-no-taki

Iwasaki Hotel - Yakusugi Shizenkan Museum

Miyanoura - Yakusugi Shizenkan Museum

Shiratani Unsuikyo

Yakusugi Land


There are three taxi companies in Yakushima. There are taxi stands at the airport, Miyanoura Port and Anbo Port but there are no taxis driving around so you will need to call a taxi.

Anbo Taxi (Anbo)

Number of vehicles: 8

Tel: 0997-46-2311

Matsubanda Kotsu Taxi (Miyanoura/Airport/Anbo)

Number of vehicles: 12

Tel: 0997-43-5555

Yakushima Kotsu Taxi (Miyanoura/Anbo/Onoaida)

Number of vehicles: 24

Tel: 0997-42-0611/0997-46-2321/0997-47-2018

Small car sits 4, medium car 5 and jumbo car 9 passengers excluding driver. 

Car Rentals

Anbo Shinjiyama Rent-a-Car (Anbo)

Number of vehicles: 16

Tel: 0997-49-7277

Destino Rent-a-Car (Miyanoura)

Number of vehicles: 20

Tel: 0997-42-1100

Matsubanda Rent-a-Car (Miyanoura/Airport/Anbo)

Number of vehicles: 58

Tel: 0997-43-5000

Nippon Rent-a-Car (Miyanoura/Airport)

Number of vehicles: 20

Tel: 0997-42-2000/0997-43-5180

Orix Rent-a-Car (Miyanoura/Airport/Anbo)

Number of vehicles: 25

Tel: 0997-43-5888

Suzuki Rent-a-Lease (Miyanoura)

Number of vehicles: 45 

Scooters also available. 

Tel: 0997-42-1772

Toyota Rent-a-Lease(Miyanoura/Airport)

Number of vehicles: 96

Tel: 0997-42-2000/0997-43-5180

Yakushima Airport Rent-a-Car Navi (Airport)

Number of vehicles: 24

Tel: 0997-43-5068

Bike and Scooter Rentals

Pukarido  (Koseda)

Cross bikes 

Tel: 0997-43-5623

Suzuki Rent-a-Lease (Miyanoura)


Tel: 0997-42-1772

Yakushima South Village (Hirauchi)

Cross bikes, city bikes

Tel: 0997-47-3751

You Shop Nangoku (Miyanoura/Anbo)

Cross bikes, MTB, road bikes, electric bikes, scooters

Tel: 0997-42-3155/090-2716-2705/0997-46-2705

Sightseeing Buses

There are full day and half day sightseeing buses that go around the island, to Yakusugi Land and Shiratani Unsuikyo. Guide is available only in Japanese. Reservation required.

Matsubanda Kotsu Bus

Tel: 0997-43-5000

Download bus tour information (Japanese only):

Tanegashima Yakushima Kotsu Bus

Tel: 0997-46-2221

Download bus tour information (Japanese only):

Kumage Unyuu Michinoeki Kanko 

Tel: 0997-42-0012

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