The administrative area of Yakushima-cho consists include two islands, Yakushima and Kuchinoerabujima. The gateway to the sea are Miyanoura Port and Anbo Port . The airport is located in Koseda. To reach Kuchinoerabujima Island you have to the ferry Taiyo from Miyanoura Port to Motomura Port (boarding time 90 minutes).

The distances between the main settlements in Yakushima :

Miyanoura-Airport (Koseda) (10.5km / 15 minutes by car),

Miyanoura-Anbo (18.6km / 25 minutes by car),

Miyanoura-Onoaida(31.4km / 45 minutes by car),

Miyanoura-Hirauchi (37.1km / 55 minutes by car),

Miyanoura-Kurio (50.5km / 95 minutes by car),

Miyanoura-Isso (10km / 14 minutes by car),

Miyanoura-Nagata (20.4) (km / 30 minutes by car).

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