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Yakusugi Crafts

Logging of Yakusugi, cedar trees over 1,000 years old is now prohibited. But you can find various items such as chopsticks, trays and tables for sale. Chopstick making workshops are also popular. 



There types of turmeric, wild turmeric, white turmeric and Javanese turmeric is produced on the island. They are then made into alternative medicine. It said to be a good hangover cure.  



Yakushima is known for the largest number of flying fish caught in Japan. Flying fish is sold minced, dried overnight or as fish stock powder. Smoked mackerel and mackerel miso paste is also delicious. 


Ponkan and Tankan

Ponkan and tankan mikan juices and cakes make great gifts. The tropical warm climate, fresh water, the sun and air is ideal for producing tropical fruits such as passion fruits, mangoes and pineapples. 


Mineral Water

Yakushima natural water is one of Japan's “top 100 water”. It is super soft water and can be purchased bottled. It is also used for preparation of shochu at the two shochu distilleries on the island.



Shochu is Japanese spirit distilled from sweet potatoes. It can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks or with hot or cold water. Yakushima's shochu is known throughout Japan for its taste and quality. 

Souvenir Shops

and shops offering workshops

Ariga-to  (Miyanoura)

Deerskin wallet, purse, coincase, keyring, accessory 

Tel: 080-5309-5213 Hours: 10:00-18:00 Closed: Tuesdays and Wednesdays View website

*Offers leather craft workshops

Dairy Gyunyu (Miyanoura)

Mineral water

Tel: 0997-46-2026  View website

Bon Gateax Hiramiya (Miyanoura)

Bread, cake

Tel: 0997-42-2056 Hours: 8:00-19:00 View website

Marutaka Suisan (Miyanoura)


Tel: 0997-42-1435 Hours: 8:30-18:00 Closed: Sundays View website

Yakushima Kanko Center (Miyanoura)

Various items, snacks, yakusugi crafts

Tel: 0997-42-0091 View website

Yakushima Ukon no Sato (Miyanoura)

Turmeric products

Tel: 0997-42-0723 Closed: Sundays View website

Keimeido (Kusugawa)

Turmeric stomach medicine

Tel: 0997-42-3411 View website

Pukarido (Koseda)

Items made in Yakushima, including some original gifts

Tel: 0997-43-5623 Hours: 8:30-18:00 View website

*Offers bracelet making workshops

Suginoya (Koseda)

Yakusugi crafts

Tel: 0997-43-5441 Hours: 9:00-17:00 View website

*Offers chopstick making workshops

Yakushima Gakunan, Gallery Jukei (Koseda)

Yakusugi crafts

Tel: 0997-46-3348 Hours: 9:00-18:00 View website

Hashiguchi Mokuzai Kako Center (Anbo)

Produces disposable chopsticks from cedar

Tel: 0997-46-2242

Honbo Shuzo (Anbo)

Shochu ditillery, distillery tours 

Tel: 0997-46-2511 Hours: 9:00-16:00 View website

Jomonya (Anbo)

Yakusugi crafts

Tel: 0997-46-2866

Kikunaga Kanko, Yakushima Green Hotel  (Anbo)

Yakusugi crafts

Tel: 0997-46-3021 Hours: 7:30-10:30, 16:00-21-00 View website

Komura Mokkoujo (Anbo)

Yakusugi crafts 

Tel: 0997-46-3368 Closed: Sundays Hours: 9:00-17:00

Mitake Shuzo (Anbo)

Shochu ditillery

Tel: 0997-46-2026

Sugisho  (Anbo)

Yakusugi crafts

Tel: 0997-46-2123 Hours: 8:00-18:00 View website

Takeda Sangyo (Anbo)

Yakusugi crafts, snacks, seafood

Tel: 0997-46-2258 Hours: 8:00-18:00 View website

*Offers Yakusugi polishing workshops

Takenouchi Kogei  (Anbo)

Yakusugi crafts

Tel: 0997-46-3057

Yakushima Roaster (Anbo)

Roasted and unroasted coffee beans

Tel: 0997-46-3377  View website

*Offers coffee roasting and chocolate making workshops

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