River Kayaks


This is a perfect leisure activity on the rivers in Yakushima for all ages. You’ll also be able to enjoy playing and swimming in the beautiful clear water.


There are kayaks, canoes and rowing boats available and you will be provided with life jackets. River kayaking is possible on the rivers in Miyanoura, Anbo and Kurio; experiences are from half day to multi day trips.


You can try with or without a guide.


Sea Kayaks

Sea kayaks are designed for stability in the sea, allowing you to slide over the sea`s surface with the sea breeze in your face. You should take a guide for this as the sea is dangerous even on the calmest days.


Trips are from a couple of hours to all day. Your guide will select the best location based on sea conditions and the wind.

The sea around Yakushima claims lives!

Sadly, even experienced islanders and fishing boats are lost from time to time, either at sea or taken by high waves. There are often strong currents and sudden changes in sea conditions are possible. The sea may not be as calm and friendly as it looks and you should take great care.

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