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There are a variety of cottage accommodations to choose  from on the island. Most provide cooking facilities. With this type of accommodation, prices may vary depending on the number of guests or the number of nights. Please check the website for details or get in touch with us if you need any assistance. 

*Price per night unless stated

Tairyu Sansou


Tel: 0997-47-2750 Visit Website

Price per unit (max 4 or 5 persons):


Daichan House


Tel: 0997-46-3565 Visit Website

English ✓ Chinese ✓ Korean ✓ French ✓

Price per unit from 


Sen no Ie


Tel: 0997-42-1006 Visit Website

English ✓ WiFi ✓ 

Price per person per unit from:




Tel: 0997-47-3341 Visit Website

English ✓WiFi ✓  Disabled access ✓

Price per unit (with long stay discount) from:


Cottage Yakusugino Ie


Tel: 090-8910-8940 Visit Website

English ✓ WiFi ✓ Credit card payment ✓ 

Price per unit from:


Cottage Davis


Tel: 0997-47-3636 Visit Website

English ✓ German ✓ WiFi ✓ Credit card payment ✓ Disabled access ✓

Price per unit per two persons  from:


Cottage Morino Kokage


Tel: 0997-46-2789  Visit Website

English ✓ WiFi ✓ Credit card payment ✓

Price per unit from:


Umino Cottage Tida


Tel: 0997-49-8750 Visit Website

 English ✓ WiFi ✓ Credit card payment ✓ Disabled access Ask

Price per unit per person from (additional person 5000 yen ) :


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, by phone or by email (available in English, French and Chinese)

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