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Kuroshio current brings with it an abundant fish to Yakushima and the surrounding areas. Flying fish and mackerel are two of the main types of fish caught in Yakushima. Flying fish is served fresh as sashimi, deep fried or dried. Fresh mackerel is served fresh as sashimi or cooked. There are several mackerel smoking factories on the island. Smoked mackerel is delivered to luxurious restaurants all over Japan. 

Yakushima is also famous for shochu (a distilled liquor), yamaimo ( Japanese yam ), edible plants and tropical fruits.


Kubiore saba

Fresh mackerel sashimi

Mackerel sashimi is available only when there is freshly caught fish available. 

Yakushima cha


Yakushima is well suited for the cultivation of tea. Many tea fields with fresh green leaves can be seen at the foot of the mountains.


Flying fish

Flying fish can be deep fried, minced as fish patty, fresh sashimi or lightly sun-dried.



Yakushima is the largest producer of "Ponkan"and "Tankan" orange in Japan. Harvest season is from  December to February. 


Yakushika deer meat

Properly prepared venison has been available since a processing facility was created in Yakushima in 2014. 


Distilled liquor

A distilled spirit made from sweet potatoes. Yakushima's shochu is famous for it's taste and quality.

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